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How to eliminate work stress with a professional erotic massage Massages

eliminate work stress erotic massages

Working hard, especially, the first day of the week is heavy in which we ‘re still a bit disoriented, maybe because we had an intensive weekend or we haven´t slept well on Sunday. Maybe just because it´s Monday. Did you know that if you rewardyourself at the begining of the week is therapeutic?

eliminate work stress erotic massages


It´s one of the techniques used by experts in “Overcoming Monday” ;) The main , techniques include: Listen to music that bring us good memories, be in the good mood and prove it with colleagues, do some sport, work motivated and… reward yourself at the end of the day! Well, your prize has a head, torso, hands and feet. Also a voice whispers in your ear while caressing your body. You are relaxed and connected with your therapist.. She is called Lucia. Lucia is simply spectacular; She is sweet, friendly and makes you feel as in home. She is also a graduate chiropractor and she shows in how to knead your body, gently introducing you going in your world .. until you reach a state of total relaxation, excitement, unexplainable in words. You just do one thing: ENJOY.

5 Types of Erotic Massage to disconnect

– Tantric Massage. Tantra is a tradition from thousands of years old in which through pleasure will reach a state of spiritual enlightenment. Integration between your energy and your massage which leads to the maximum expression of the pleasure is produced. – Massage Fetishes. Are your feet your weakness? Then this is your massage. The masseuse starts relaxing your body with her hands before moving on to push your body with all parts of her feet: toes, plant and heel. Relax, slow down your breathing and enjoy this massage futon in an hour. – Paradise Massage. It is the most complete massage, it is a melee with massage orgasms occur where two, one at the beginning and one at the end. The intereacctions are mutual, so obviously part of the massage, and the person receiving the massage. You touch and she touches you, takes an hour of pleasure as the masseuse makes her naked work with all parts of your body: buttocks, abdomen, chest and hips. – 4 hands massage. The fantasy of many men, two therapists performing a fully synchronized massage. A therapy that starts in the feet, just in the head and back again, through the erogenous zones on the way. Two women and four hands by petting a man for an hour, can you ask for? – Nuru Massage. Both fully nude , the masseuse rubs his body against yours fully lubricated. She takes action with various body parts as pubis, breasts, hips… body to body sliding for more than one hour. In this kind of massage, kamasutra postures are used. As you can see, you have to choose erotic massage. Returning to the main theme of this article, what do you think of this method for disposal stress? If you’re looking for a place to relax and enjoy erotic massages in Madrid, visit our center and we will be with total discretion at all times adapting to your needs. When in doubt, tell us what you need and we’ll guide you . Begins the week relaxed , deep and restful sleep to continue with energy, don´t  you think you deserve ?

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