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Erotic Massages Madrid


MASSAGE RELAX EXPRESS 35 min: 80€.  Man having massage in the spa salon Erotic massage is the interactive massage which is the most sensual way to relax the body. It consists of tender massage that stimulates sexual arousal. Relax Express is one of the fastest methods to energize and release you from stress. You will get the most intense erotic experience in a short period of time.  . . .





1MASSAGE LINGAM 40 min: 80€ con thong, 100€ naked  The goal of the massage is relaxation and connection with more sensitive side that allows the man to surrender to a form of pleasure he may not be accustomed to. The masseuse creates a romantic atmosphere using aroma candles, and dimmed light. The masseuse will make the satisfaction irresistible by gently massaging your whole body and letting you to palm her. Our masseuses know all the sensitive spots of the genitals, and will not massage only the Lingam but also testicles, perineum and Sacred Spot (prostate).Order your Lingam massage to obtain better erection, control of your sexual energy and your sex drive. . . .



 . 1326776MASSAGE BODY TO BODY 60 min: 100€ receptor with g-string, 130€ interactive naked Professional masseuse wearing just thongs starts Body to Body Delight Massage with a therapeutic massage which consists of massaging the whole body. After a masseuse performs body to body massage with erotic elements which will help you to experience the maximum amount of satisfaction.  





Screenshot_1MASSAGE CAPRICE  35 min with g-string 100€, 60 min naked 160€.  If you have a fetish and you want to make reality your fantasy, let us know and we’ll make you enjoy as never before! Let yourself be carried away by the charms of our attractive masseuses.  



.Captura-de-pantalla-2014-02-26-a-las-07.59.34 EROTIC PARADISE MASSAGE. 40 min 100€, 80 min 200€, 4 hands 300€. As the name implies, this massage makes you feel as though in paradise. During this massage you´ll have two orgasms. It’s your choice as this massage may also include prostate stimulation. The beautiful masseuse with lots of experience and practice will give you totally sensual massage, taking you on a heavenly experience.  It also includes a deep muscular and genital massage, which will make you reach a climax twice, multiplying your pleasure. In this massage you will feel shivers of pleasure thanks to the delicate and sinuous body to body massage as well as the stretching and kneading techniques of your muscles which will leave you in a state of great relaxation, wanting more. During this massage we will not forget any corner of your body and you will be able to feel how the masseuse works your genitals and other parts with her feet, as you melt away with the prostatic stimulation as reach seventh heaven! A head massage too relaxes you even further. You will also be able to exchange caresses and estimulate, touch your masseuse’s body. Heaven has arrived.


. .   massageEROTIC NEOTANTRA MASSAGE 60 min 150€, 90 min 220€, 4 hands 300€. The massage continues in a more profound way.  You’ll continue to be teased and touched whilst more stimulating techniques are used. You’ll then experience one of the hottest and most stirring erotic massage practices ever invented – the full body slide. This is where you will lose all control of your body in the best way possible. The sensual pressure of the masseuse’s body is applied to your back and front side and creates a divine feeling of sexual freedom and release. The full body slide merges with some final touches – the teasing of your nipples and other sensitive areas. This is your chance to let go of everything and rely only on your most basic animalistic and sexual urges.



3 EROTIC NURU MASSAGE 40 min 150, 75 min 240€, 4 hands 300€. It just use nothing but Nuru oil and bare skin. This kind of massage is actually a full body-to-body sensual massager which is performed amongst two nude individuals with a special variety of massage gel which is called Nuru massage gel or simply nuru gel. A Nuru Massage gel is much better than other normal massage oils for massages. It is odorless, tasteless, and does not stain the sheets or your garments.They then slide along their partner and use their entire body to give the massage. The feeling of the outstanding Nuru Gel is sensational and tends to make each bodies sense additional sexy. Masseur uses erotic positions of Kamasutra and works completely naked, you can  caress, stimulate and even give her massage, incluid prostatic massage.   .



.IMG_0247DOMINA SENSATION MASSAGE 45 min 180€, 80 min 280€  To tie or be tied? Bondage for pleasure in a private session where you put the limits. A special session full of surprises and surrounded by mystery. Deprivation of the senses of sight, extreme sensation, cold and heat, hardness and softness…. All gathered at a point of inflection where the mixture of plesure and pain take place each other in a suitable enviroinement created by the mistress specially for your submission to her whins. Different textures, diferent levels for different submissiones from those who want to start in the sensuality of BDSM world in a prpfessional and safe way. Until these who have deeper knowledge about it your mistres will guide for across the Bondage way, so that you will discover new sensations like “50 shades of Grey” film ( for the begginners) and Spanking, Facesitting tecnics for the most daring people. Still you have not tried? Book your appointment! .



. .1453899980_jeroticheskij-massazh-1 VIP TREBOL MASSAGE 90 min 250€, 120 min 320€ This massage is for VIP customers only as you may guess from the title.First, invigorating shower with the masseuse that will leave you ready to permeate by flavorings and essences with body to body massage full of eroticism and sensuality. The massage will continue on tatami, where the masseuse will stimulate erogenous zones of your body and mind to reach total state of of relaxing by restore kundalini energy, and will get ready for tenderness and Kama Sutra positions.You will reach unforgettable satisfaction involving all your feelings. You can even caress the masseuse’intimate parts and if you desire. Experience the world of satisfaction and relaxation! .



MASSAGE SENSATIONS – PROMO – 60 min 180€, 90 min 250€, 4 hands 90 min 350€ 

Immerse yourself in an eternal sea of sensations, all your senses will be flooded with fantasies!
We’ll start counting a warm welcome of pampering and caressing. If you want we can cover your eyes to boost the rest of the insurance even more. It’s a massage full of surprises and focused on your sensations. You will be carried by the waves of cold and heat, the safest, the easiest everywhere, without forgetting the most intimate areas, which will thrill you more and more!.. And with every inch of your skin you’ll feel pleasure, which will fill your whole body…
Your imagination will be the best form of excitement. Your muse, your beautiful masseuse will guillotine you and give you the intense pleasure that you long for. Test all your safest through a game full of sensuality!



. 91088021_large_894654__1_ COUPLE MASSAGE One massage therapist a man o a woman 250€, two masseuses 380€ In this massage the full body is worked with delicate manipulations delivered by a therapist with all her body, and especially her feet. The sensuous movements of a Thai style massage can be appreciated in a fetish massage, as well as complementing the session with pressings and frictions using feet soles, toes and heels. Essential oils are applied; also aromatherapy which gives a highly pleasurable experience. As she glides the instep of her feet all over your torso and teasingly tickles your face, allow yourself to caress and hungrily kiss her pretty twinkle toes. Yourmasseuse loves to have her feet admired. Simply relax and allow your entire body to be coaxed to complete relaxation .This massage is given on a futon. .



. Masaje Parejas Madrid 4 HANDS EROTIC MASSAGE 240€, Paradise/Neotantra/Nuru 300€, Deluxe 380€. Massage Aerium is a performance of soft silk sliding down your skin. It is a perfect algorithm of different textures mixing into a synchronous acrobatic dance on your body. We spent a lot of time studying ancient oriental techniques of temptation, and perfected them by adding sexy spices. Massage Aerium is made for people understanding luxury, sexuality and sensuality. This massage is for you if you can appreciate true eroticism and satisfaction it will bring to you. Praise yourself with this magical massage performed by best masseuses in Trebol, Madrid




20140221_sex_thumb EROTIC SENSUAL MASSAGE IN HOTEL OR IN HOME From 200€, CALL US! Most of us are living in a too accelerated pace and under constant stress. Both personal and business lives are leaving small room for wellbeing and happiness.Sometimes we need some deep and sensual relax, some quality time for ourselves. It is very helpful to enjoy this special experience to rebalance mind and body. The sensual massage as we understand it goes beyond a regular massage that just pampers our anatomy. We take it further, to the world of sensuality, bliss, ecstasy.In first part will receive massage techniques used as Shiat Your, Tui Na, Swedish massage head, feet, athletic, Thai. It has an endless list of benefits.Book you erotic hotel massage madrid,tantra massage hotel madrid and body to body hotel massage madrid. You can know more about our hotel massage Madrid.The masseuse will be totally naked, you can  caress, stimulate and even give her massage. .