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Today, many hotels have massage services that we can take advantage during our stay there. Most often, this service offer different types of massage, depending on the necessities and needs of the client. If the hotel has a spa area, “le carte massage” is usually larger, but more often you can also choose between different types when come a masseur who serves as part of the staff of the hotel. masseuse This is OK and there are a lot of hotels around the world offering this kind of services and in Madrid you have some hotel massages, but what happens when it does´t have this services available? You have two different options: 1.-) Go out of the hotel and enjoy your massage in a Spa. 2.-) Call a professional masseur to go to your hotel and enjoy your massage there eros massageIf you want to get the better option when you are asking for a massage, first you have to ask you a question: Wich massage is the best to fit my needs? What kind of  effect I want to feel after the massage? If you just want to quit stress and relax yourself, the best chance is to start with a professional relaxing massage, after we´ll see. Thus, we get put aside worries and start the weekend rested and relaxed. Moreover, after the massage we don´t have to go back to our routine, so the effects of massage will be more intense and we will provide more confortable for example, lying on the bed. If you want to go to the next level, we can try a professional erotic massage, there some of them that you should know: – Erotic Massage Express. Dou you want to totally relax your body? Did you here about happy ending massages? Yes and No. Happy Ending doesn´t sound soy professional so…yes, because we end the massage with an orgasm and No, because it´s not only that. As we said, we start with a professional relaxing massage and then we start stimulating your erogenous zones. After, we´ll see… – Tantra Massage. The Hindus describe Tantra as the process to achieve personal growth through pleasure. Tantric massage is based on the belief that if you are sexually happy and relaxed, your health will be better. This is a really technical massage that help you to develop your senses. It is therefore a massage tends to seek pleasure and orgasm can cause, although it is not the main objective. Although, with a Tantric massage there´s no penetration, as the other erotic massages. But it involves the touching of sexual organs, making it one of the most intimate massages that we can find. – Nuru Massage. Nuru´s Gel is made from natural products, mainly seaweed. It is colorless, it does´t smell and it is water based, which does not stain. This gel it´s extremely smooth and it produces unspeakable sensations when it get in touch with your body. Both the masseur and the pacient are naked. The masseur scrub his body and it recall an erotic sensual atmosphere. – Massage for couples. This type of massage is made for the couple and share a magical feeling and tantra experience. It´s highly recommend to couples who want to start in tantric sex. This therapy help the couple to increase communication, fantasy and sensuality. couples These are just some of the hotel massages Madrid services from our centre in Goya, Masajes Trebol. If you wan´t to try en exceptional experience CALL US NOW +34 637 938 367 and reserve your professional masseur, just for you. Yo can also send us an email and we´ll answer you in the moment, what are you waiting for? :)

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Hotel Massages Madrid
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